Doors connect spaces. Our doors give this connection a new character with contemporary shapes and patterns. Texturize is dutch design at it's finest, offering high quality design doors.

A fresh perspective

Discover a revolutionary approach to interior design with Texturize. Founded by Olav and Herman, who seamlessly blend their expertise in design and software, Texturize introduces a textured twist to traditional doors. These dynamic doors boast customizable dimensions, allowing everyone to select their preferred design variation. Embrace a unique product that transforms basic interior elements, such as doors, into captivating decorative objects. 

Architect-Crafted Patterns

At Texturize, our patterns are meticulously designed by architects, for architects. Olav, one of the founders, is an architect himself and identified a lack of compelling doors for his projects. Leveraging parametric design and CNC-controlled production, each Texturize door receives a distinctive, architecturally-inspired pattern.

Quality materials

We prioritize the use of natural, high-quality materials such as timber and veneer in crafting our products. Texturize places a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, ensuring that every door is produced to the highest standards. The combination of innovation and our partners years of experience positions Texturize as a reliable source for high-quality design doors.


Take a look at our F A Q page for simple advice or download our brochure. Also, our sales team is always ready to answer your questions.

Maze is een dutch-design deur met interessante en op maat gemaakte patronen.
Forest is een texturize design deur, op maat gemaakte patronen met interessante lichtval
Leaf is een op de natuur geïnspireerde deur gemaakt door Texturize design. Honderd procent dutch design.

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